Commentary - Sifu Chango Noaks


To Grasp even the most basic understanding of the Hung Fa Yi system one will find that it demands that its practitioner re-define his approach to martial arts. Through its wisdoms one is challenged and must identify and except what is real as a threat and what is effective in combat application. The concepts are very clear and precise. Hung Fa Yiís approach to training allows the student to experience true application and challenges to the systemís principles, tools, tactics and strategies. This experience helps the student develop real confidence based on experiences not assumptions or abstract ideas.  The training approach allows one to realize exactly the how's and why's. More importantly, the system helps one realize ones true efficient identity according to the universal realities of time space and energy. Hung Fa Yi does not ask its practitioners to mimic past masters or an animal. Instead Hung Fa Yi demands that itís students realize what is reality to a human being. This realization calls for application of science and the universal truths of being human!  With that being said each motion, posture or shape supports the proper action or stillness at the proper time while creating distances for the opponent rendering his weapons useless.  HFY is a true treasure, a diamond amongst other gems in the martial arts community. There are other valuable stones in the world but only one that is a true diamond!  

Sifu Chango Noaks 














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