Hung Fa Yi Wing Chuns Time and Space Chi Sao System


Skill and Technique Chi Sao Expression

Authored By:
Grandmaster Garrett Gee

Written By:
Michael Pyun

" Mike Pyun is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an experienced practitioner of Tabimina Balintawak (Filipino Martial Art). He also has practiced several other martial arts in the past but has primarily been studying Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun under GM Gee since 2002."


    Grandmaster Garrett Gees Hung Fa Yi Time and Space Chi Sao System is extremely unique in the martial art world because it stresses maximum efficiency in combat as it relates to time, space, and energy. Without fully employing these three things simultaneously, maximum efficiency cannot be achieved no matter how one tries to explain or demonstrate it. In addition, HFYs Chi Sao System is one-of-a-kind because it breaks down Chi Sao into three components: Kiu-Sao Chi Sao, Tan-Bong-Fuk Chi-Sao, and Chi-Kiu Chi Sao. Within those three components, the principle of Tin-Yan-Dae (Heaven, Human, and Earth) is dissected into four categories jong sao, four-gate, six-gate, and body TYD. These concepts all fall under HFYs Wing Chun Formula of Sup-Ming-Diem, Five-Line Theory, and Two-Line Jong Sau.

   In Hung Fa Yis Wing Chun Formula, Sup-Ming-Diem pinpoints the exact reference points in space that allow you to have the strongest structure possible. Five-Line Theory teaches you the width of the space/box established between you and your opponent. And Two-Line Jong Sau establishes HFYs Two-Line Defense concept as well as the depth and distance in space. These three things must be fully understood before learning HFYs Time and Space Chi Sao System.

   Now, many would agree that one of the main goals of Chi Sao is to build up sensitivity in the hands and arms. However, Hung Fa Yis Time and Space Chi Sao system goes beyond this by also teaching Tin-Yan-Dae Gate Theory. HFYs TYD Gate Theory should not be confused with HFYs Gate Theory because HFYs TYD Gate Theory focuses on the three centerline Sup-Ming-Diem points while HFYs Gate Theory demonstrates interception at the Four-Gate Level. Further, HFYs TYD Gate Theory precedes the moment of attack by first focusing on occupying space along the centerline using precise reference points in space to achieve maximum efficiency. Therefore, HFYs TYD Gate Theory utilizes the idea of time and space instead of speed, power, deception, or the lucky strike to defeat your opponent.

   Hung Fa Yis Time and Space Chi Sao System further dissects the idea of Tin-Yan-Dae by explaining the differences between Arm TYD, Four-Gate TYD, Six-Gate TYD, and Body TYD. Arm TYD teaches you range in combat as well as how to use the heaven, human, and earth points on your arm to produce the proper energy during Chi Sao. Four-Gate TYD teaches you how to occupy space along the centerline before you attack. Six-Gate TYD teaches you interception using the legs. And Body TYD teaches you power. Of course, each of the four categories of HFYs TYD offers much more depth but only GM Gee has the ability to unlock this information.

   Further, Hung Fa Yis Time and Space Chi Sao System has a definitive lesson plan mapped out by GM Gee that includes the teaching of Kiu-Sao Chi Sao, Chi-Kiu Chi Sao, and Tan-Bong-Fuk Chi Sao. Kiu-Sao Chi Sao and Tan-Bong-Fuk Chi Sao are taught at the Siu Nim Tau level while Chi-Kiu Chi Sao is introduced at the Chum Kiu Level. Each of these must be mastered in order to be proficient in HFYs Time and Space Chi Sao System. Hence, GM Gee always refers to HFY Chi Sao as a system rather than just a skill. Without the depth and technological knowledge behind HFYs trademark Time and Space Chi Sao System, it would be very hard to distinguish it from all the rest. Yet with it, the skill, efficiency, and effectiveness can be distinctly felt as well as appreciated.

   Let it be known that Hung Fa Yis Time and Space Chi Sao System is not just a game, drill, or exercise to build sensitivity. It is necessary for combat. It does not have to start from a static position nor does it require facing your opponent. HFYs Time and Space Chi Sao is a system for combat that exists with or without contact. The only constant is the use of time and space to achieve maximum efficiency in combat. Only when this occurs can HFYs Five Levels of Energy (Ying, Chung, Lao, Saat, Fa) be used effectively. Without it, only Chi Sao skill and technique can be expressed and physical attributes must be used to become effective in combat. Moreover, HFYs Time and Space Chi Sao System covers the three time frames of reality: Gate Theory, Five-Line Theory, and Inside-Outside-The-Box. Recognizing and understanding these three time frames is what enables a HFY Wing Chun practitioner to use a system approach to combat rather than a technique oriented one. As GM Gee always says, No technique handles all technique. This idea is what allows HFYs Time and Space Chi Sao System to go from nowhere to somewhere. On the same token, nothing can be added or subtracted because Grandmaster Garrett Gees Hung Fa Yi Time and Space Chi Sao is fully complete.














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