Family Tree

Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun lineage History

紅 花 義 詠 春 派 歷 史 源 流


World Headquarters

Hung Fa Kwoon - San Francisco


Current Organization

Sifu Allen Kong - Director of Hung Fa Kwoons

HFY ICP Matt Kwan

HFY ICP Rudy Ortiz - HFY Secretary South America

HFY ICP Eric Heitmuller

John Murphy

Alex Oropeza

Ricky Chu

Michael Pyun

Bruce Stanberry - HFY Secretary North America

Hung Fa Kwoon - Central Valley

Sifu Billy Lau

Hung Fa Kwoons of Arizona

Master Richard Loewenhagen

Master Richard Loewenhagen is an accomplished leader, military scientist, martial arts teacher and writer. As a retired field grade military officer, he was trained at many of the most prestigious leadership, strategies, and tactics schools the United States Department of Defense has to offer, including the Air Force Institute of Technology, the Air Command and Staff College, and the Marine Command and Staff College. In 1982, the exclusive International Society of Logistics Engineers honored him with the ‘Researcher of the Year’ award. Master Loewenhagen taught Wing Chun Kung Fu and Shaolin Chin Na to combat and security police personnel. Within the Wing Chun Kung Fu world at large, he is recognized by the Government of China and the Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Athletic Association as having earned their highest level of Wing Chun certification–that of Senior Instructor.

Sifu Mark Jones

Sifu Mark Jones has over twenty five years of martial arts experience. His journey began as a child learning Judo and Karate and as an Adult the southern Chinese kung fu style of Lau Gar Kuen in his native country England. Since settling in the USA, for the past 10 years he has been exclusively training in Wing Chun, first in Moy Yat family Wing Chun and now as a Sifu in the Hung fa Yi Wing Chun System.

Sifu Sovannaroth Kruich

Sifu Jonathan Sandberg

HFY ICP Matt Murphy

HFY ICP Ned Begay

HFY ICP Dylan Fitzpatrick

HFY ICP Taylor Goin

HFY ICP Kim Younkin

HFY ICP Mark Waldrop

Tony Jacobs

Levi Melton

Crystal Melton

Hung Fa Kwoon - Kansas City

Sifu Dale Vits

Hung Fa Kwoon - Saco Maine

Sifu William Elliopulos

Hung Fa Kwoon - New York

HFY ICP Vincent Wu

Hung Fa Kwoon - New Jersey

Sifu Andy Kalish

Hung Fa Kwoon - Brasil

Sifu Marcelo Capano

HFY ICP Abdul Levon

HFY ICP Alessandro Boto

HFY ICP Alexandre Feitosa

HFY ICP Pedro Carlos Malheiros

HFY ICP Rafael Nery Camargo

HFY ICP Marcio Melo

HFY ICP Marcos C. C. Albuquerque

HFY ICP Daniel Saito

Hung Fa Kwoon - Hong Kong

Sifu Wai Kai Lui

Hung Fa Kwoon - Ireland

Sifu Gary Collins













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