Commentary - Levi Melton (Taltos)  


I began my Hung Fa Yi training with prior experience in Martial Arts in general, and with Wing Chun (via a different lineage) in particular.  It was apparent to me immediately that Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun was truly a Science.  The operational principles, concepts, strategies, and tactics are all sound,  practical, logical, and straightforward.  The science of the system is 100% consistent throughout, with no need for guesswork and no room for personal interpretation.  The sequence of learning is complete and maneagable, and the excercises are realistic and designed to give you true combat prowess and experience in realistic situations almost immediately.  In the Hung Fa Yi system, there is no "deconditioning" stage, wherein a student takes what they have learned and developed and learns how to apply it to live, resisting opponents.  Rather, this "direct application" of the tools and concepts are built into the exercises themselves.  There is not need to "switch" mindsets, because everything is trained as it is used and the intent behind every exercise and every form is clear and focused.

In addition to the direct combat effectiveness that Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun grants due to its acheivement of maximum efficiency of human hand-to-hand combat, the underlying philosophical foundation of the system is also directly applicable to non-physical conflict resolution and general well-being.  The fundamental philosophical system of the art is an integral part of the physcial system, yet
100% applicable to the realities and stresses of everyday life a well.

I consider myself lucky that I was able to find such a complete system - one that addresses all aspects of conflict (from mental to physical), and contains within it the health benefits, strength and balance conditioning, and mental exercises necessary to be successful in virtually ever aspect of our modern  world.  Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun is truly a treasure.

Levi Melton














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