Commentary - Guru Neil Bryant (Bay Area BuYu center of San Franciso)


Neal is ranked as a Guru in Indonesian Pencak Silat and fourth degree black belt as personally appointed by O'sensei Phillip Porter, founder of the USMA, and lead chairman of the International Board of Martial Art Masters. He posseses numerous skills as a technician, professional, and philosopher of Indonesian, Filipino, and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do concepts.

His knowledge of the martial arts is gratefully and thankfully due to the instruction by the great Guro Guy Chase of Multiculture Martial Arts Academy; a direct descendant of Guro Dan Inosanto's Academy and personal student of the late great Pendekar Herman Suwanda of Mande Muda Pencak Silat. Neal has trained and studied extensively in Filipino Kali Escrima Arnis, Panantukan Filipino Boxing, Jeet Kune Do Jun Fan Gung Fu, and Mande Muda Pencak Silat. In addition, Neal sought private training with Mr. Chase to sharpen his skills as a technician and practice classical court postures in various styles of Pencak Silat, while still attending regular group classes.

After the closure of the Multiculture Martial Art Academy in San Francisco, Neal trained under Grandmaster Garrett Gee of San Francisco Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kwoon. The training with Sifu Gee was priceless as he showed to Guru Bryant the true meaning of time and space in a combat application. Subsequently Neal's existing skill in Jeet Kune Do greatly benefited by training under Sifu Gee.

He studied Sil Lum Tao, Dan Chi Sao, Chum Qui and Muk Jong (wooden dummy). Unfortunately due to conflicting work schedules, Guru Bryant was forced to end his training with Hung Fa Yi earlier than hoped for, but will forever cherish the experience. Guru Bryant went on to train hand-picked students privately in skills that he had acquired from the masters.

In keeping with the highest traditions of preserving the arts, showing thanks, and respect for the masters we invite you to help keep theses arts intact. Thank you.

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