Commentary from Sifu Dales Vits about the HFY Workshop

Hosted by Sifu Dale Vits


Hung Fa Yi Club of Kansas City, KS

August 1,2,3-2014

From Sifu Dale Vits:

We are now being presented by Grand Master Garrett Gee the HFY Wing Chun Kung Fu Time Space Energy Wooden Dummy form. NOW! after spending over 24 years teaching / training in other WIng Chun lineages my mind has been completely & thoroughly blown!!! "Thank God" for putting me in the time and space to meet and be excepted by Grand Master Garrett Gee as my Sifu!!!!! At this moment I feel like the luckiest man in the universe!!! ; o)))

This is a monumental day in history! We are so fortunate and excited to be learning the Time Space & Energy Philosophy & Principle information from Grand Master Garrett Gee at Academy of Fighting and Fitness/ Master Song's Martial Arts. This is a Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts first ever. Our experience is going from a technique based Wing Chun system, to the Hung Fa Yi Time Space Energy system approach. The information in this article is like finding the arc of the covenant for the Martial Arts Wing Chun community.

Others may misinterpret, use or steal the Time Space Energy words, but without the correct mental and physical drilling coming "directly from the source", the information will not be understood or reproduced. This workshop has changed our lives and we are forever indebted to Hung Fa Yi Grand Master Garrett Gee. in Kansas City/Liberty, MO at Academy of Fighting and Fitness/ Master Song's Martial Arts we experienced the most wonderful/exceptional Masters Level workshop. It is clear that we have never seen or experienced information with such breadth and depth before. We will be doing workshops on this information for years to come! Thank you Sifu Garrett Gee!


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