Commentary - Anthony Jacobs 


It is possible that there can be an act of existing in a moment as harmoniously and efficiently as humanly possible.  Irregardless of the label placed upon that moment what we as practicioners strive for from moment to moment is now commonly refered to as Hung Fa Yi. The self awareness necessary to command time, space and energy in the Mind as Cha'n, in the Body as the Warrior or in Spirit cultivating Health, this is what Hung Fa Yi strives to attain, also known as the 3 treasures of Shoalin.

I like the fact that I am discovering with the proper guidance of my Sifu yet on my own what Hung Fa Yi is in the true since of my own wandering.  After studying HFY for a certain amount of time it becomes easy to see the connection between Cha'n Buddhist philosophy and Shaolin combat as well as the Shaolin Health aspects to our training and how they are connected and interrelated with one another.  The reason is simple.  To practice Hung Fa Yi is to journey back to re-examine how we as beings function to return to those things that define us and provide for us the tools to examine and understand truth and how that truth pertains to one's self completely.  Making the most efficient use of time space and energy doesn't just apply to combat situations for why would beings such as we are ever want to do anything in a manner that was counter intuitive to us and all that surrounds us. We naturally strive to do all things most efficiently, for combat purposes our own awareness of the fact that time space and energy used most judiciously in battle is every warriors ultimate goal may differ in times of peace but surely not during times of war.

Though it would seem the warrior is the common ground for a great many of us Hung Fa Yi would not truly constitute complete self examination and understanding without the realization or cultivation of the mind and spirit as well. In personal terms how I sum up my journey into self examination is by imagining that in undertaking Hung Fa Yi's self examination I can learn everything about  humans by thoroughly and completely understanding this human called self as defined by time, space and energy.  I learn what others can and can not do by exploring the finite contortions of my own person.  I learn, understand, appreciation and am mindful of others being through the exhausting examination of my own existance. Through exstensive cultivation of my own spirit I can learn all that is necessary for the possiblity of so many others to co-exist in this time and this space.  Thus allowing the hung fa yi practitioner to minimize the effort to maximize this moment of being. This is only my knowledge and understanding at this time and as we are taught in Hung Fa Yi with time and experience come different levels of understanding.  There is only so much anyone can get out of reading about anything so the same can be said of Hung Fa Yi to truly understand it you must first experience it.  Anyone who has the chance to experience it should do so to conduct their own personal examination and draw their own conclusions.

Anthony W. Jacobs














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