Special Acknowledgement


Within every organization there stands out a select few individuals who's vision, understanding and caring have truly made a difference and whose contributions need to be acknowledged.  It is no different within the Hung Fa Yi community and family.

Maureen Kwan is one who stands out in GM Gee's mind when he thinks back to the early days when he hand selected his students by hand and taught them the ways of HFY.  Maureen truly identified early on with the teachings of Hung Fa Yi and unselfishly donated $10,000 of her own money to help open the current Kwoon.  There will always be a place for Maureen within HFY and sifu will never forget you.

Another individual that identified with sifu's teaching was Mr. Chan who immediately respected and supported GM Gee and his school.  The lions head that sits in the window of the headquarters is one of three that Mr. Chan has presented to GM Gee over the years.  Mr. Chan will also be remembered as an early supported of HFY and GM Gee's vision.














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